• Build green, Live green     • Eco friendly building-one with nature as green as Mother Nature.     • Eco friendly construction of the buildings.

The main Objective of Corporation are :

1. To construct, execute, carry out, improve, work, develop, administer, manage, control or maintain in Bihar.

2. To purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire by transfer any building owned by the State Government for the purposes of construction, maintenance, rent collection, management or control.

3. To invite tenders of all Departments of Government of Bihar and other infrastructure transferred for construction, renovation or development.

4. To invite Bid/Tender for the works entrusted by the building Construction department or any other.

5. To establish, construct, provide, maintain and administer townships, estates, building yards, walls, water reservoirs, pipe lines, storage sheds with the business of the Corporation.

6. To buy, sell and deal in cement, stone, iron and steel to undertake the manufacture of lime, cement, mortar, concrete, bricks and building materials of all kinds.

 7. To undertake the procurement , purchase of, manufacture of and dealing in cement, lime, minerals, gravel, sand , coke, fuel, artificial stone and builders requisites of all kinds.

8. To procure, manufacture, purchase or otherwise acquire timber, plumber, iron and wood merchants, timber growers and dealers in all kinds of goods, plants, furniture and builders requisites and to manufacture, purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire, plant, cut, and deal in forest or timber lands.

9. Planning and designing building network to provide optimized connectivity to residential and non-residential govt. buildings of different departments.

10. Construction, renovation, upgradation and maintenance of residential and non-residential govt. buildings of different departments.