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1 02/05/2023 16/12/2022 NIT-42/2022-23 NIT-42/2022-23 ( Construction work of 520 Bedded Residential +2 High School at (Athmalgola) Patna and (Lakrikola) Banka District and Construction work of 720 Bedded Residential +2 High School (with Suplly & Installation of Furnituer) at Aurangabad and (Sangrampur) Munger District.)
2 20/04/2023 25/11/2022 NIT-39/2022-23 NIT-39/2022-23 (Construction work of workshop and tech lab in Industrial Training Institute at Madhepura,Supaul,Saharsa,West Champaran,Muzaffarpur,Shivahar,Sitamardhi,East Champaran,Vaishali(Hajipur District),Madhubani,Ghoghardia &Bisphi(Madhubani),Biroul Darbhanga ........)
3 29/01/2023 12/12/2022 NIT-41/2022-23 NIT-41/2022-23(Construction work of 12 P.O. Residence (G+3) at (Nirmali) Supaul District. and 100 Bedded Hostel at (Bettia) West Champaran.)
4 18/11/2022 13/12/2019 NIT-61/2019-20 NIT-61/2019-20 ( Construction of 200-seat hostel (Bhojpur), Construction of sports building-cum-gymnasium building (Arwal), (Purnia) and (West Champaran), Construction of housing and boundary wall (Nawada), 720 post-scheduled tribe resident school buildings. Upgradation work (Kaimur) and (Gaya), Construction of 600 capacity auditorium-cum-art gallery (Purnea). )
5 17/09/2022 03/06/2019 NIT-02/2019-20 NIT-02/2019-20(Supply and installation of furniture and maintenance with 05 years,720 Beded ST Residential School at,Jamui,Gaya,Kaimur,Nalanda,Jahanabad,Nawada & Rohtash Dist.)
6 06/07/2021 16/12/2020 NIT-62/2020-21 NIT-62/2020-21(Construction of Football Stadium at E.Champaran,Madhepura,Katihar,Araria,Patna & Kaimur & Library-Computer lab at Betiya &50 Beded Hostel at Madhubani&Computer Class etc.. at Muzaffarpur&720 Beded Residential School & 50 Beded Hostel at Darbhanga.)
7 03/09/2020 17/08/2020 NIT-28/2020-21 NIT-28/2020-21(Internal decoration work on the third floor of the main block of the corporation headquarter building.)
8 21/03/2020 24/10/2019 NIT-48/2019-20 NIT-48/2019-20 (Construction work of Lakhisarai Museum and G + 3 multipurpose Waqf building at Patna. )
9 18/03/2020 15/10/2019 NIT-46/2019-20 NIT-46/2019-20 (Construction of 720 beded Rajkiy Ambedkar Balika high School building (with supply and Installation of Furniture) at Nawada and Sitamardhi Distt. AND Construction of 100 beded Minority Hostel at Madhubani & Muzaffarpur. )
10 25/01/2020 16/12/2019 NIT-62/2019-20 NIT-62/2019-20 ( ESIC Hospital Renovation work at Munger and Civil Work,Electrical Work & Furniture Work of Tribunal in Haj Bhawan at Patna.)
11 11/01/2020 07/09/2019 NIT-35/2019-20 NIT-35/2019-20 (Construction of 720 Capacity Rajkiy ambedkar School at Gaya,Purnia & Madhepura Dist. with Supply and installation of furniture and 50 capacity hostel at Araria Dist.)
12 03/12/2019 03/10/2019 NIT-44/2019-20 NIT-44/2019-20(Upgradation work of + 2 Government Sarvodaya High School, Lari, under the CSR program of Bihar State Road Development Corporation Limited. )
13 06/11/2019 04/06/2019 NIT-06/2019-20 NIT-06/2019-20(Construction work of Buniyad center in Begusarai, Gaya, Darbhanga, Mudhbani, Siwan..)
14 14/09/2019 30/05/2019 NIT-01/2019-20 NIT-01/2019-20 (Construction work of 50-bedroom hostel in Darbhanga and West Champaran.)
15 24/07/2019 02/04/2019 NIT-165 NIT-165/2018-19( Repairing work of BSBCCL Headquarter Building including provision of Gym equipment and Signage work for 2018-19.)
16 11/07/2019 02/04/2019 NIT-167 NIT-167/2018-19(Construction work of Boundary wall ,Bihata Airport.)
17 21/06/2019 10/04/2019 NIT-136 NIT-136/2018-19(Construction of 15 Court Buildings (G + 5) ,12 units of P.O.Housing (G + 3) in Paliganj, building cum gym at Lakhisarai,200 beded of hostels & supply and installation of furniture at Patna Civil Court.)
18 13/06/2019 16/04/2019 NIT-108 NIT-108/2018-19( Construction work of the Executive Standards Laboratory In Munger and Begusarai.)
19 13/06/2019 01/03/2019 NIT-132/2018-19 NIT-132/2018-19(Construction of Regional Station Building in Saharsa,Munger,Sitamardhi and Darbhanga for the establishment of Bihar earthquake remote system.)
20 10/06/2019 02/04/2019 NIT-163 NIT-163/2018-19( Construction work of Regional Office Building of Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Limited under PIU, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga, Saharsa..)
21 08/06/2019 01/04/2019 NIT-124/2018-19 NIT-124/2018-19 (The work of upgradation of Employees State Insurance Dispensary Banjari (Rohtas) under E.S.I.C. Plan 2.0.)